Friday, July 24, 2009

...In the field 2

Despite the threat of rain I ventured back to Washington Park for the third drawing in a series that seems to be developing around an area of brush, tall grasses and wild flowers. It is a bit like an organised and mediated prairie restoration, but I think it exists because it costs the county capital to maintain a fully manicured space. Whatever the case may be I am sure glad it exists.

about an hour into settling on a view I needed to head for cover. the shower was light and brief and I was able to continue and find some resolution...this one was a struggle.

Washington Park 3

Washington Park 3: detail I

Washington Park 3: detail II

...In the field 2

...this is the second in an ongoing series of bicyclejazz shorts. Also posted on YouTube and viewed at a higher quality


  1. Years ago I restored 5 acres of farmland back to the tallgrass prairie that it was when I was a lad. The seed was expensive and at least here in the Midwest, maintanance involved regular burning as well as some hand weeding of aliens. I eventually sold it to what I thought was a person of the same heart. He "improved it". Most of it is a bluegrass lawn now.

    Comment to earlier posting. When I was young I could draw noticibly better than anyone else. It was assumed I'd be an artist when I grew up. I could never figure out how to make a living. I ended up in industrial design. You're good. You have to be good to even survive

  2. Gunnar,

    Thank you for the warm comments! I appreciate your thoughts...."improvement" sure is a shifty notion..isn't it. I think you are better for having tried