Saturday, March 20, 2010

Parts is not parts...

All the pieces to this bicycle puzzle are coming together. As mentioned in the prior post, some of the parts that I will use on the Puch build come from the stock of items that I have held. On friday, I received an anticipated package from Velo-Orange containting a number of items to flesh out the project. Not pictured is the Wheelset. It is currently at my preferred LBS. The front needed to be rebuilt and the rear needed to be brought back to tension. I would like to be the one doing my own wheel work, but my experience is limited, as is my lot of tools for such a job. I have found out the hard way that without a tensiometer and many wheels under my belt it is just money well spent to let a pro handle that job. So then, here is the list af parts that will be involved in this project:


crankset~Stronglight Cyclotourist 175mm
chainrings~TA double 48-32 (compactish)
f. derailluer~Simplex
r. derailluer~Simplex sx630
pedals~Lyotard w/Avocet cages


rims~Rigida 700c
freewheel cassette~ Suntour perfect 6-spd 12-28

brakeset~Suntour Supurbe sidepull
pads~VO squeal free road
brake levers~Gran compe
h-bars~Nitto Randonnuer 45cm
stem~SR 70mm

Arguably, not a purist build...though one that I think will still be somewhat faithful to the period of the frameset. And one that is loaded with my own personal preferences. That seems importnt, as this bike will be ridden and not hung for the ages. Not mentioned above is the saddle and post, nor the tires I intend to use. In the outset, I will be swapping the Selle An Atomica from my Raleigh. It is mounted on a Nitto post. I am hoping to get a set of Grand Bois Cypress 700c x 30.


  1. Nice lot. How's the tape look? Yellow close enough?

  2. once it is shellaced...the amber on top is quite rich....