Thursday, January 1, 2009

bicycle jazz flick 1: 1/1/2009

For a number of years now I have been taking small journey's by bicycle around my town, on New Year's Day. Today was no exception. When I first started to do this I wasn't a very seasoned winter rider, so the act of doing the ride, no matter the distance or destination was the bang. These rides have evolved as I have become more of a year round commuter. And my appreciation and takeaway from the journey has become more faceted. As winter weather goes in the upper Midwest, today was almost stock. Cold, but not brutal. Somewhere in the 20's, but a good wind and a low "deck" of thick clouds made for a bone chilling kind of humidity. I rode west from my house through Miller Valley and then climbed up to meet john k. I found him and his ever pleasant and lovely partner debi...of Eat Cake fame and glory.....out by the new "cooker". John is a fine sculptor and extraordinary landscape architect.  As a friend and comrade, I have been fortunate to bear witness to the transformation  of his outdoor space and the "cooker is the latest addition.  After some courtyard conversation and miscellaneous ruminations we headed off into our lunch loop....

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