Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As my fortieth year began to acquire momentum I found myself in the midst of a return to making art. It's funny how things seem to evolve in the least likely ways. And for me what once lay dormant has awoke. Born from some long cultivated need to move through my town and surroundings by bicycle and a desire to translate what i see. I entered the spring with countless places playing in my head  *in wide format* places I have rolled past in recent seasons. I have made scores of drawings, prints & paintings in my head over the past few years as I concurrently have spent hours refining my bicycle craft. The vessel or machine I was to use on these escapades and adventures had to be not only beautiful, and efficient, but also had to be capable of certain load demands. And in that search, what I found was a not so latent bicycle fetish that I am sure goes back to my first bicycle. A canary yellow sting ray I received for my 8th birthday. So then, at 40 I still like most to make drawings and ride my bicycle. preferably and inextricably interconnected are these two things. So at the calendar end of my fortieth year I begin this blog. And as such it's meaning has yet to be determined. Though it begins as a repository for that which has been and may be a beacon towards what may come?

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  1. Nice post Christian, sentiments that I can relate to. I look forward to reading your blog. Happy New Year!